The Thing About PrestaShop


PrestaShop made an in-road into the open-source (e-commerce) industry in 2007 in Paris, France. Ever since then, it has risen to become a household name in the e-commerce industry across the globe, with the primary competition coming from Magento (with American origin).

PrestaShop like most open source solutions is a free open-source ecommerce and content management solution which comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. Its fame amongst e-commerce web designers has fast gained momentum primarily owing to the fact that unlike many e-Commerce solutions currently on the market, you can download and install PrestaShop Open-Source software free of charge, without license or registration.

So what really makes PrestaShop tickles amongst e-commerce web designers? Here are 11 things you may not have known about PrestaShop.

  1. PrestaShop originated as the graduation project of Bruno Lévêque at French computer engineering school EPITA. With the help of five other developers, two merchants, and Igor Schlumberger — then CEO of, where Lévêque was employed — the project began to develop, with over 3,000 hours of work going into the project in the course of a couple of years.
  2. The first stable version 1.0 of PrestaShop was finally released on August 1, 2008 after a dozen previous beta releases.
  3. In September 2009, PrestaShop was nominated among 19 other innovative startups for the Open Innovation Awards, presented at the 2009 Open World Forum in Paris, France.
  4. In December 2009, PrestaShop was ranked seventh among the top 10 open source E-Commerce programs by, noting it “jumped the highest in rank order, leaping five positions from 12th to 7th”.
  5. PrestaShop won the Packt Publishing Open Source Awards 2010 prize for “Open Source E-Commerce Applications.
  6. PrestaShop won the Packt Publishing Open Source Awards 2011 prize for “Open Source Business Applications.
  7. PrestaShop currently powers over 125,000 stores worldwide.
  8. PrestaShop has an expanding community membership of about 350,000. A good place to get all the support you need to create and manage your own online store effortlessly.
  9. PrestaShop provides more than 310 advanced native features that can be customized to fit the specific needs of every user.
  10. In 2012, Jirafe (an analytic software for e-commerce), the New York-based retail analytics software, announced its official integration with PrestaShop. With this development, Jirafe’s analytics systems and dashboard will accompany every installation of PrestaShop, and paying users of PrestaShop shopping cart solution will also get Jirafe support as part of their service.
  11. PrestaShop now powers a third of the French e-commerce market, including major French brands like the carmakers Renault, Peugeot and Citroen.

For PrestaShop, the horizon is wide and far-reaching. The ever-increasing community provides an abode for support, innovativeness and market. To see what designers have created from PrestaShop, you can begin with our PrestaShop templates.

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